What is Honor & Grace?

Honor and Grace is the branding face of Kelly Borders, tattooer located at The Butcher Tattoo in Savannah GA.  H & G's mission is to provide the most exceptional tattoo experience in the low country and to tailor that experience to the individual needs of our clients. Striving to exceed all levels of attention to detail from the consultation to the final product there is a warm, welcoming, eco-friendly environment that encourages participation from clients to produce a piece of artwork that clients are proud to wear for the rest of their lives. H&G believes that tattooing can heal, celebrate, and honor all of life's events.

Meet Kelly Borders


Born in Columbus, GA, Kelly Borders has been tattooing since late 2005.  After completing a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in West Georgia, she spent a short time in New Orleans which led to spending a year in Charleston, SC.  Wanting to do more custom, large scale work, she made her way to The Hostess City, finding herself at The Butcher Tattoo and Art Gallery, located in Downtown, Savannah.  And then in 2016, Honor and Grace was born under the guidance and support of Jimmy and Jenny Butcher.

Specializing in American Traditional, Japanese, and Full Color tattooing, Kelly enjoys doing tattoos with bold lines and solid color which lends itself to her extensive cover up work.  In her free moments, you can usually find her spending time with her family or roaming about the city on her days off.  Her schedule is ever changing so please call the shop at 912.234.6505 if you’d like to set up an appointment

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shop 912.234.6505


19 East Bay Street

Savannah, GA 31401


M-Thurs 12p–8p
Fr-Sat 12p-10p