Cover Ups Rule Everything Around Me

One of my favorite things to work on and something I specialize in is cover up/corrective tattooing.  From tiny initials of an ex-lover to full sleeves of dark black tribal, I've been there and covered that.  A lot of people are curious as to what the process is and what is and isn't doable in the landscape of getting rid of something permanent that you're not in love with anymore.

"I've spoken to so many people who told me there's nothing that can be done.  That I need to get it lasered or I can only get something solid black over it..."

I hear this sentence around two to three times a week.  And trust me, about 90% of the consultations that I have this is absolutely not the case.  I think there is a time and a place for lasering off tattoos but if your goal is to get more tattoos I would strongly urge you to reconsider since most laser removal results in thick scarring, multiple expensive sessions, and it's widely considered to be more painful that the actual tattoo application.

I always always always recommend having an in person consultation about cover ups especially if they involve large, new, or extensive tattooing.  During your consult we can see if there is any scarring to consider, your anatomy, and what your ultimate goals are.  

The most common thing I tell clients is to think of something that you would want if your skin were bare.  At times we can get caught up googling cover-ups to the point where you only think a black panther head or a bunch of traditional roses is your only options (while great options, these are not the end all be all of what you can use).  Another key element to a successful cover up is flexibility.  The more open you are with the design the better the overall product will be.  Sometimes a combination of stencil, sharpie, and background options really make the magic happen, which can't always been seen from an initial line drawing.

Also an important factor is that some projects will require more than one session, even if it's a smaller tattoo.  Especially with large color blends a second session will provide the time to tighten down any details or make a more thorough pass to cover up anything else that might be peeking through after healing.  In most situations I recommend color to cover most tattoos, black and grey requires a 'wash' that doesn't provide the density needed to camouflage old work.  It's not the case in ALL situations but that will definitely be determined during a consultation.

As always I recommend that you do your research with tattooers in your area or if you're considering traveling.  Not everyone offers coverups and a lot of tattooers do not feel comfortable doing them.  Make sure to see healed work as well if available so you can see examples of final product tattoos. 

If you'd like to set up a cover up consultation or have more questions please e-mail me at kellytat2@gmail.com or call the shop at 912.234.6505!