I make brow contact before I make eye contact...

A while back I did an Instagram poll on what my next blog entry would be.  Cover up tattooing or cosmetic tattooing and the coverups won by one singular vote, so without further ado....

Here's a post all about Cosmetic Tattooing! 

What is cosmetic tattooing you ask?  Per Wikipedia... 

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the facelips, and eyelids. It is also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age, disease, such as alopecia totalischemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast's areola, such as after breast surgery.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?  Now I'm going to break down some of the differences you've seen on eyebrow tattooing, following up with some info on lip and areola tattooing.  Finishing it all off with what makes a good candidate and why you really need to make your follow up appointment!


I know you've seen the super amazing effects of microblading and powderfill eyebrows.  The two results are achieved by two very different methods of application.  Microblading is a manual technique that involves a multiple needle blade attached to a pen like apparatus in which the technician drags the blade across skin to resemble hair like strokes.  Powderfill, ombre brows, and hair stroke brows are achieved with a tattoo machine and a small grouping of needles, much like a regular tattoo.  Currently I do not offer microblading but I do offer hair stroke (looks very similar) and ombre/powderfill brows!  If you're curious as to what powderfill means it simply looks like you applied makeup to your brows, and that technique is great for all skin types whereas if your skin if very oily microblading won't be very effective.  Getting your eyebrows tattooed is most definitely a 2-3 part process!  In the follow up appointments we can tweak color, shape, and touch up any spots up that might have lightened too much.  I always err on the side of caution during the initial appointment since we can always add but taking away is another story.  During your free consult we can go over your desired shape, color, any medications you might be on, and take a peek at your skin type.  And yes, I do use numbing cream before and during the procedure, I want to make your experience the most comfortable I possibly can!


Lip tattooing can be a great asset to have if you find your lips not being as defined, have color loss, or in the event of unevenness due to scarring or defect.  Almost everyone is a good candidate for lip tattooing!  One of the only times lip tattooing cannot be performed is if you are having a cold sore outbreak, but once under control and medication is being taken, you are good to go!  I only offer natural colors like pink or red, or a mix of the two.  I use a machine to blend in the color to your inner lip to avoid harsh unnatural lines.  Lip liner is also available if you'd like to do that without the entire fill in.  If you were ever curious as to what you would look like with lip injections you will find out after your first session!  Swelling is completely normal and I use a topical gel with epinephrine to control it as much as possible.  After the swelling has subsided and you've healed we can go back in on a touchup to darken any colors or reapply where needed!


We've all seen the amazing photos of before and after tattooing of nipple reapplication after mastectomy surgery.  But did you know you can reshape and recolor areolas after breastfeeding or breast reduction?  Getting an areola tattoo is the exact same as getting a regular tattoo and the aftercare is the exact same.  I try to make every experience of this delicate nature as easy as possible.  I understand that not everyone loves to take their shirt off in front of a stranger and expose the one of the most sensitive areas of the body.  I always perform breast tattoos while the shop is closed and with privacy screens in place.  During your consult we can look at what your situation is, i.e. if we need two brand new areolas with nipples, or mimicking one to match the other, or if we just need to round anything out and recolor scarring.  Please e-mail me for pricing as it is a case by case basis!

Freckles, Hair Fill In, and Eyeliner

Currently I do not offer eye liner or eyelash enhancement tattooing.  For the absolute sole reason is that getting close to people's eyes makes me nauseous.  I can't even put Visine in my own eyes without wanting to hurl so the last thing I want to do it get close to your vision makers and get sick! 

Freckles and beauty marks are a fun addition to any face and I offer a variety of colors to go as dramatic or subtle as you'd like! I'd highly encourage you to draw some on yourself and see what you like.  Whether it be big clusters or a few here and there, it's all about personal preference and the ability to win any bet that you have your face tattooed!  There is minimal pain involved and is one of the easiest procedures to receive!

Hair implant scars, patchy beards, or bald spots can always use a little love from cosmetic tattooing.  These procedures definitely require consultations and a follow up session to add on desired thickness of the hair.

That dang follow up appointment you keep yapping about...

All procedures need a follow up appointment (or two)!   The last thing I want to do is scar your face by over working the area, it's YOUR FACE!  Cosmetic tattooing is MUCH gentler than regular tattooing and your face deals with natural oils, exposure to elements, and sweat which all effects how well your ink will retain.  Eyebrows, lips, and freckles will soften about 30-70% since the ink I use is organic and will break down over time.  This is great if the brow trends away from the Kardashians in a few years!  That's why your follow up is so so so important, so we can reapply, darken or fill in where needed.  And don't worry if the few days/weeks after your initial appointment that your tattooing looks crazy! It goes through many phases of darkening, lightening, new skin generation, etc... and that's why we schedule your followup 6-8 weeks after so we can see exactly what they look like after full healing.  

So that's the real quick (ha!) rundown of cosmetic tattooing that I offer.  Aftercare, pricing, and available time questions can all be asked on the Contact Form at the bottom of the Cosmetic Tab located in the menu bar.  My cosmetic appoitments are always available and not subject to the regular tattoo schedule, you must contact me directly to set up a time!  Consults are always free and can be scheduled through the shop.  I hope that shed some light on the ins and outs of how things go and I hope to see you soon to enhance, correct, or just make fabulous in 2018!

Til next time!