New Year, Who Dis?


Ringing in the new year always inspires people to create resolutions and make plans to be better versions of ourselves, including myself! 2019 will hopefully be a big year for everyone and I’m personally making some changes that will benefit all of my clients in some way!

The first thing I did was deleting my personal Facebook page, and man, that is a freeing moment. Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing everyone’s kids, life events, and buzzfeed posts but let’s be serious, it’s a time suck. Time that I could be preparing artwork, hanging with my family, or just doing some self care. If you have an iPhone, there is a setting that will record your screen time and how much time you spend on each app and I saw how much time I was actually wasting just mindlessly scrolling. Also, I want to create more real relationships with people, I want to know your birthday without having facebook to remind me. So it’s all about creating real time with real people and maximizing my time every day to my max out my daily potential.

Secondly, late last year I blocked out some Saturdays each month just for walk-ins. I believe that small tattoos are just as important as sleeves and back pieces. And since I usually focus on larger work I wanted to make some time just for the people who don’t want to wait 6 months to get a 15 minute tattoo. I worked in a street shop for a good chunk of my career and really enjoy the walk-in dynamic so I’m really looking forward to that! The dates are currently posted to my Instagram page @kellyborderstattoo if you’d like to check it out! No appointments are needed and it’s first come first served!

And last but not least, I plan to open my books twice a year to make time for new clients while still having the calendar space to accommodate my existing clients. You guys are incredible and I’m really proud that I’ve had a lot of clients stick with me for 7-10+ years that continue to get work. I never take that for granted so I’m trying to make sure there is time for everyone. And hopefully with the lack of Facebook it’ll afford me more time to answer e-mails and keep my portfolio current.

So those are my plans for 2019! I’ll make adjustments and tweaks as we go along but I think it' will benefit everyone all the way around! I hope to see you all soon and my next post will be from Literary Ink in Chattanooga next month, so excited! Thanks again everyone and I hope you have a fantastic year!