T.G.I.F. (Tips Go In Friday)

1. Yes I know it's Saturday.  2. Don't let your mind go in the gutter for the title...

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I figured it would be fitting to introduce something that I've been excited about for a few months now...

A few months ago during a 10-mile run (I tend to do my best thinking when out on a run), my heart was speaking to me to do more in 2018, to contribute something through my craft.  In the past years I've donated my wedding dress to The Angel Gown Program (, formal dresses to Becca's Closet (, and donated to multiple fundraisers throughout the lowcountry.  And this fall I participated in Barbells for Boobs through my local Crossfit Box through shirt designs and a tattoo raffle that raised nearly $400 and it was an such an incredible feeling!  So I thought to myself, why stop now, why not do something year round?

Which led me to this!

Beginning January 2018 and continuing indefinitely, I will be donating ALL tips made on Fridays to the charity designated at the time.  I plan on donating to two charities each year, one at the beginning of the year and one for the end.  First one up for January-June 2018 is the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation!  I've already begun fundraising on Facebook for my birthday (friend me!) and we're already at $250!


Most of you may not know that my husband has been a firefighter since we began dating back in 2011.  One of the biggest standout moments of our relationship is that he was actually healing burns on his ears and wrists on our wedding day from a fire he was in earlier in the week!  His burns were very minor but that isn't the case for most firefighters who get injured on the job.  Not to mention actual burn victims that happen every day!

The SFBF Mission

"Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation provides assistance to families of burn patients being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. This includes lodging at the Chavis House, daily meals and transportation - all free of charge. In addition, the Burn Foundation assists patients upon their discharge with services related to their return to independent living. This includes medication, anti-scarring garments and transportation for follow up medical visits." 

Want to know how your tips will help burn victims?  Here's a dollar breakdown!

  • $25 provides clothing for a burn patient upon discharge from hospital
  • $50 provides one car seat for a pediatric burn patient's return home
  • $100 provides two nights' lodging at the Chavis House
  • $250 provides anti-scarring garments for one burn patient
  • $500 provides one month's supply of toiletries and paper products at the Chavis House
  • $1000 provides transportation for follow-up care for 17 burn patients
  • $2500 provides antibiotics and pain medication for 100 patients

This foundation is incredible and I'm so excited to contribute to them to help continue their mission.  If you'd like more information or would like to directly donate to them their website is  Other charities on my list for future donations include Barbells for Boobs, The Savannah Humane Society, Girls on the Run, Second Harvest, among many others!  What's your favorite charity to donate to? I'd love to know! 

Til then, have an amazing Thanksgiving, reflect on what you're thankful for, spend time with family and friends and I'll see y'all in December!

Hi! I'm Kelly!


I figured my first blog entry should be me introducing myself so without further ado....

Hi! I'm Kelly Borders!

I'm a tattooer located here in the heart of downtown Savannah, GA at The Butcher Tattoo Studio.  I'm a wife, mother, artist, athlete and all around pretty regular gal.  I have a smokin' hot firefighter husband named Jack and a unicorn-loving precocious little 3 year old daughter named Gracie.  

I have been tattooing 12 years this December and if you would've asked me back then if this is where I would be now I would've laughed in your face.  I started out in humble beginnings at a shop in LaGrange, GA where I scrubbed my fair share of toilets and did probably close to 500 $25 names for the 3 years I apprenticed and eventually graduated to tattooing full time.  After the LaGrange chapter closed I found myself in Charleston, SC after some mutual friends had started their lives over after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans.

During the Charleston stint is where I decided that tattooing would be my career.  Fun fact: I've never taken an art class past elementary school, so I wasn't sure how long tattooing would last.  Everything I've ever learned was from tattooing, amazing what copying flash for years will do for you!  But don't ask me to paint anything, because I don't know how!  Charleston lasted for about a year until I decided to migrate down south to Savannah.

The first shop I worked at in Savannah really formed the type of tattooer I am today.  I did more large scale custom work and learned how to be a more well-rounded artist instead of a one-trick pony.  I was there for about 3 years until I finally found my home at The Butcher where I've been given room to grow into the artist I want to be.  I specialize in Japanese, American Traditional, and my favorite...Cover-ups.  I've recently been training in Cosmetic Tattooing this past year and my ultimate goal is to work with cancer warriors and domestic abuse survivors.

I get a lot of questions about my logo and name.  Honor and Grace is literally the face of what I do.  I think it's important to think of something bigger than yourself so you'll always have goals to work toward.  I had the opportunity to work on my 'brand' with Lowcountry Paper Co and the experience has really formed what I want my career and lifestyle to reflect.  My logo is an ampersand integrated with a sharks tooth to represent the east coast and my unusual love for the many-toothed sea creature.   

In my free time I'm that crazy lady running around Savannah, literally.  I run marathons for fun and have recently become addicted to Crossfit (shout out to Steadfast!)  I'm also very vocal about my sobriety and how that shapes my life as I know it today.  I recently celebrated 6 years and I'll share that story in another post.  I have a pit bull, a mentally unstable cat and two bunnies that keep us busy at home on top of regular family activities.  I'm pretty much an open book and if you have questions feel free to ask!  I'll delve in more on most of these topics in following posts but I figured we could get our feet wet with this one!

Thanks for checking the blog out and I'll try to update every other week or so! Stay tuned!